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Why Harcourts?


Harcourts is one of the only 2 South African real estate companies represented in the Leading Real Estate Companies of the world™ network. No other real estate group offers such exciting and effective entry into international markets.

The network offers:

  • For selling and buying real estate – the contacts of 600 companies in 5,000 offices
  • A profile of your home in 30 countries
  • Luxury Portfolio: The international market leader for R5 million-plus luxury homes
  • A massive increase in potential buyers for your property
  • Exceptional and accredited training to all our sales consultants
  • Combined sales in excess of R12.5 billion in South Africa for 2009 and 2010 
  • The Harcourts Promise

Selling your home.....

Pricing your home for sale 

The price of your home must be right. Too low and you lose money. Too high and you lose buyers. That’s where the intimate local market knowledge and expertise from your Harcourts marketing consultant comes in. Coupled with Harcourts advanced information technologies  this knowledge proves invaluable.

The price of success

The most difficult task for prospective sellers is determining the value of their home. Many different elements can combine to create unrealistic expectations  - be it uninformed and optimistic opinion, the cost of improvements a seller hopes to recover or the final amount needed to realise future plans. The best method is to study the current real estate market facts and figures. Your Harcourts marketing consultant will show you comparisons of other similar homes in your area - those which have sold, those which have yet to sell and those which will represent your competition. Quite simply, the current property market determines the value of your home. Buyers will see your home for what it is and, while they may still look, if the price is too high, they’ll pass on your property for one elsewhere.  This is backed by research clearly showing that properties that sell quickest also sell closest to their initial asking price.

Time limitsPrice of success

Buyer interest is greatest for your property within the second and sixth week of it’s entrance into the market. After this interest falls away quite dramatically. To maximise this window of opportunity your Harcourts property consultant will design a marketing programme that peaks during this prime period. Your property will have the highest profile for this vital time. If you have decided to market your property with a price remember that it must be valued correctly right from the outset to benefit from this initial surge of interest.

A realistic return

It’s a fact that over-priced properties take longer to sell and do not attract the optimum number of potential buyers, particularly during the prime selling period. The longer properties sit on the market the lower price they achieve. After three months or more this can often be between 20 to 25% less. To ensure this doesn’t happen your  consultant has all the relevant information necessary to help you price your property correctly for the best return.


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